Netflix finally lets you remove the shows and movies haunting your Continue Watching row

Netflix has finally added the ability for users to manually remove shows and movies from the Continue Watching queue. That means you can finally get rid of the half-finished documentaries you gave up or watched TV shows you never quite finished chasing the Netflix UI row.

The new feature is already available in Netflix’s web, mobile, and TV apps. To delete a show or movie, all you need to do is select the offending card in the row and scroll down to the new “Remove from continue watching” option to clear it. A second click quickly undoes the deletion, just in case you accidentally delete that octopus documentary you really, really planned to watch one of these days.

While the update isn’t the most monumental change to Netflix’s user interface, the Continue Watching row does have an important place in the streaming site’s design: it’s one of the first things users see when they open Netflix on their phones or tablets. TVs. So giving everyone just a little bit more control and management over what actually appears in that row is a welcome addition.

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