Netflix is ​​testing profile transfers to new accounts

Netflix is ​​testing a feature that will allow transferring a specific profile to a brand new account, possibly as a way to encourage streaming freeloaders to sign up for their own subscriptions, as first reported by Variety† As described in a post on the Netflix site, this feature — and another that allows you to add subaccounts for people you don’t live with — is currently being tested in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Netflix notes that users can transfer profiles to new accounts, or the sub-accounts for which subscribers must pay an additional fee. This allows users to keep their Watch History, My List, and Recommendations when they complete the transfer to a new account. Netflix first rolled out user profiles in 2013, which serve as a way to split viewing history among friends and family members with a single account.

Last year, Netflix rolled out a test as an effort to reduce password sharing, requiring users to verify account ownership in order to access their accounts. This new test appears to be a way for Netflix to get hypocrites to buy their own subscriptions — or at least for account owners to pay for anyone using the service outside of their household.

Revelation: The edge is currently making a series with Netflix.

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