Netflix Reveals Release Date for Adam Sandler’s Halloween Movie

Adam Sandler overwhelmingly took over Netflix with his unique comedy content after he signed a deal to produce six films for Netflix back in 2014. Now that he has already released five movies, it is quite apparent that although they didn’t perform well at critics’ panel, they have undoubtedly gained a lot of subscribers all over the world. Take an instance of Murder Mystery. It is one of the most popular movies on Netflix. This feat is a testimony to Sandler’s irresistible humour which has got him a huge fan-base.

A lot of buzzes had been floating all over the internet about the release of Sandler’s last movie. The wait is now over as Netflix has finally announced that the movie, Hubie Halloween, will stream on the 7th of October. So, cheer up as you will have a lot of time to watch it before Halloween to get some Halloween ideas. Along with the release date, Netflix has also shared a photo from this movie. 

Hubie Halloween is a story about Hubie DuBois (played by Adam Sandler) who is unusual yet a friendly social volunteer. He is often mocked for being so strange. He sets to bring things in place when he is suspected in the murder case on a Halloween night. 

Steve Brill has directed this movie and stars Adam Sandler along with other prominent actors like Kevin James and Rob Schneider.

In the hunt for some quality content with a blend of horror and humour? Save the date of the 7th of October.