New Official Couple on Instagram Shawn White and Nina Dobrev

New Official Couple on Instagram Shawn White and Nina Dobrev

For the new couple Shawn White and Nina Dobrev, love is all in the air. They are dating each other for a few months now. On Thursday night they declare their relationship in front of social media and became public for it. The actress who is 31 years posted here photographs as she is cutting the Olympian’s signature hair.

She wrote the Vampire Dairies and hairdresser which adds to her work. At the age of 22 years, she was a gold medalist said that her hairstylist told her that he could not cut her hair so she just did #QuarantineCuts.


As per page six, the couple rumors of being dating each other spread when they are being spotted for riding bikes in March together at Malibu back.

Earlier Nina Dobrev had dated the Grant Mellon, screenwriter-director as well as Ian Somerhalder who is a TVD co-star. On the other hand, Shawn White had dated the lead singer of the band Phantogram, Sarah Barthel.

Nina Dobrev Is friends with Ex-Boyfriend and Co-Star Ian Somerhalder

The previous CW stars are still having friendship though Nikki Reed got married to Somerhalder and they are having their daughter as well. A fan came and asked that she ever felt weird about having a friendship with them. Fan asked this question in the appearance of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Life”. For this, she said that she does not think that this is weird and she thinks that it is great. She asked why not everyone can be as friends.

Dobrev said that she thinks that they are having a beautiful baby and so they are happy together. So, she is also happy for them and there is nothing bad about it. She does not see any kind of problem in it.

Congratulations to the couple!!