No More Heroes 3 coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox in Fall 2022

Games publisher Xseed announced via Twitter That No more heroes 3, which released in August 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, is coming to PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles in the fall. Presumably digital versions will be available, but the only photo shared by Xseed shows limited edition physical copies of the game with an art book, a fake license plate, and a soundtrack CD adorned with the most obvious. Akira reference. Xseed has not yet shared a prize for No more heroes 3 on these new platforms.

Fans of the No more heroes series will definitely want to play the latest installment, which my colleague Sam Byford says is a worthy sequel to the original Nintendo Wii title. The stylish, fluid combat is back (along with the sometimes funny, mostly immature writing), and you’re tasked with taking on, as Sam put it, “a league of alien superheroes who make up the posse behind a mighty CEO and a Thanos-esque supervillain.” Typical Travis Touchdown stuff.

While the Switch version played great during battle scenes, the sections where you are in the open world were awful. It’s very safe to assume that performance would outperform on the new port coming to consoles and PC later this year.

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