Nomad’s Leather Siri Remote Case comes with a discreet AirTag pocket

There are Apple TV Siri Remote cases in all shapes and colors, the vast majority of which offer a silicone grip and protection against those inevitable jumps from your couch cushions. But if those are a little too tacky for your taste (and remind you too much of those squishy Wii Remote covers), Nomad has developed a sleek alternative: a Siri Remote case made from American leather and – best of all – comes with with a hidden AirTag pocket.

The case leaves the front of the remote completely open, so it may not be the best option if you’re looking for something to protect the device from spills or drops. It makes up for that in style, though: removing the solid brown backing reveals a discreet pocket where you can place an AirTag. If your remote ever disappears into the abyss between your couch cushions or is wrapped in a pile of blankets, you can at least call on your Find My app to help you find it.

It would be nice if Apple included a tracker and built-in speaker so you don’t have to buy an AirTag separately to find your remote. By the way, Roku has already solved this problem with its lost remote feature. Supported remotes emit a sound when you activate the feature via a voice command, the Roku app, or by pressing a button on the Roku streaming device.

Although Nomad’s case is made of leather on the outside, it has a microfibre lining on the inside that shouldn’t damage the remote. However, since it’s made from premium materials, it will cost you a little more than the typical silicone cases you’d find on Amazon — it costs $39.59 on Nomad’s website and comes in a deep Ashland brown.

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