OtterBox’s MagSafe battery pack surpasses Apple’s

When Dieter Bohn looked at Apple’s MagSafe battery pack, he wasn’t exactly thrilled with its performance. Unfortunately, the relatively small battery pack didn’t have enough power to round an iPhone 12 even once. And, like most things from Apple, it came with an unusually high price tag and only worked with its own Lightning cable for charging.

Since then, other manufacturers, such as Anker, have produced MagSafe battery packs with friendlier features and better capacity. Now the case makers at Otterbox have joined that trend with a pair of wireless MagSafe power banks that cost less than Apple’s model but offer better capacity and features. Otterbox’s lineup includes both a 5,000mAh and a 3,000mAh model that costs $69.99 and $49.95 respectively.

Double-sided magnets allow the battery to position itself between any compatible MagSafe charging case and dock, allowing you to top up your phone and battery at the same time. The battery pack itself is compatible with any Apple or Otterbox iPhone or iPhone case with MagSafe charging.

Another feature that sets this battery pack apart from the Apple model is the USB-C port, which allows the pack to serve as an external battery for other devices. According to the specs on the Otterbox website, the output is listed as a 5W Qi charging standard, which should allow it to wirelessly charge other Qi-enabled devices as well.

The battery pack uses a USB-C charging standard
Image: Otterbox

This list of features coupled with the competitive pricing gives the Otterbox battery pack an edge over Apple’s model, which uses a less versatile charging stand and still costs about $99.99 at retail.

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