‘Paradise PD’ Season 4: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled?

Paradise pd season 4 netflix

Paradise PD – Photo: Netflix

It’s been more than a year Paradise PD season 3 dropped on Netflix and since then we know the creators have been working hard on their new show, but will Paradise PD return for a fourth season? Let’s see.

From the makers of brickleberryParadise PD first landed on Netflix in August 2018. Later we saw season 2 added in March 2020 and the most recent season in March 2021.

The third season starts three months after the nuclear explosion in the deep dish and goes pretty much downhill after that.

FlixPatrol reports that season 3 had an impact on the top 10 in March 2021, but not on the same level as Netflix’s flagship animated series, Big Mouth.

Season 3 spent 17 days in US TV’s Netflix Top 10 before it came to an end. According to the heat map below, the show performs best in regions such as Poland, Iceland, Finland and Germany.

paradise pd netflix flixpatrol top 10s season 3

Paradise PD popularity heatmap – Photo: FlixPatrol

Has Netflix renewed Paradise PD for a season 4?

Official Renewal Status: Not renewed yet but proof that the series is coming back

More than a year since Season 3 launched on Netflix, we’ve yet to officially hear if the show will return, but there are signs the show isn’t quite over yet.

Waco O’Guin responded to a fan asking about the show’s future, saying he forgot everything.

Since then, we have received a Tweet on April 18 saying that we will be amazed.

What’s on Netflix has now seen evidence that Paradise PD will return in one form or another. We’ve been warned about casting for a live-action version of Dusty Marlow, voiced by Dana Snyder in the animated version of the show.

The casting call describes Dusty as a “big and sassy former cop who likes cats and snacks.”

It also expands into what the live-action Dustry will do by saying, “Dusty invites all of his cousins ​​(who look exactly like him) to a family reunion at his apartment that quickly derails.”

The casting call does emphasize that it’s a one-off scene that adds to the animation.

Netflix has not responded to multiple requests for comment on the future show or the fact that we will be getting a live-action segment.

dusty marlow character paradise pd netflix

Dusty Marlow in Paradise PD – Photo: Netflix

Of course, there were still plenty of plot threads left open by the end of Season 3. Looper predicts that we might see the birth of Kevin’s unborn brother, time travel madness, and how Paradise will rebuild after its destruction.

Past Paradise PDRoger Black and Waco O’Guin are hard at work on their next big Netflix Original project. farzar is the name of their next animation project and is described as a sci-fi series about Prince Fichael and his crew battling evil aliens.

They are partnering with Netflix under a blanket deal that closed in January 2021.

farzar netflix series

Farzar Netflix Animated Series

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