Patrick Dempsey’s New Series Halted after Unit Member Tests COVID Positive

Patrick Dempsey recently started shooting the first episode of his upcoming series ‘Ways and Means’. But the shoot had to be stopped when one of the crew members had tested coronavirus positive. Only three days of the shoot were left for the pilot episode to get wrapped up. However, the script supervisor of the unit became COVID positive and the entire team had to halt the shooting, at downtown Morristown, New Jersey, as per the reports.

The team has followed the guidelines, which say that even if one person in a TV or Film unit tests positive for COVID-19, the shoot should be stopped, all the members of the crew shall get their testing done and also stop the shooting and quarantine themselves.

The CBS spokesperson has confirmed the news. Also, those who were in close contact with the script supervisor were asked to self-isolate according to the state’s guidelines. He also said that the production would resume once the quarantine period gets over.

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