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Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow joins Vin Diesel’s Kids: ”Family Forever’

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow has posted a sweet picture with Vin Diesel’s children. The Fast & Furious actor leaves away in 2013 after being involved in a car crash, though his and co-star VIN’s families have continued very close. Nearly seven years since The Fast and the Furious star’s unfortunate death in a car crash, Meadow endure keeping her father’s memory alive.

In May, she posted a sweet throwback image of herself as a child laughing with her late father. She captioned the photo, “happy place.”

A month previous, in April, Meadow also posted a never-before-seen video of the late actor. In the video Meadow shared at the time, it shows her stunning her father on his birthday; arouse an amusing yet charming reaction from him. “What the hell! You just afraid the hell out of me,” he says through a fit of laughter.

Afterward, you can see the late actor pull his daughter in for a huge bear hug. Apart from posted sweet moments of the late actor on social media, Meadow also confirms his legacy through her work at the Paul Walker Foundation. See the Video below-

The Paul Walker Foundation is to deliver as an abiding light of Paul’s different aspect, far embracing goals, and casual goodwill, the foundation’s website reads. Many of his attributes have been developing onto his daughter Meadow.

Meadow is excited to be bear on his legacy. The main ways by which she thinking to complete this challenge is by helping the ocean chief so that he becomes the clash to assure our oceans, wildlife, and ourselves as well.

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