PUBG Banned in India. VPNs Come to the rescue of masses

PUBJ Banned

PUBG Smartphone is the latest device banned by the Indian Government in a fresh blow to Chinese technology. Interestingly, PUBG is not a member of the forbidden apps list because it belongs to a South Korean company. But, Tencent owns the PUBG Web, which is of China’s colossus. The speculation that PUBG Mobile should no longer be allowed to run in India has been massive after India banned 59 Chinese apps a few months back.

How to Use VPN to Play PUBG Mobile in India

 VPNs are not complicated when you know the straightforward to use. To unblock it, follow the steps given.

  • Start by logging in to one of the above VPNs, if you haven’t already.
  • Download the appropriate version of the app, then install it and log in. Link to a server.
  • Open PUBG. Now, you should be able to play without any difficulties.
  • If you can’t get acquainted yet, you may want to contact your VPN customer service team for assistance.

VPNs are not solely about those who are trying to play games on the job. E.g., if you have a poor internet connection, you might find yourself competing against someone in your country at a significant disadvantage. You may not even be able to play PUBG without a VPN, depending upon where you live.

Some of the best VPNs to play PUBG Mobile in India are ExpressVPN, PrivateVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN, and PrivateVPN.

PUBG has been highly criticized for its violent nature and has been cited as the source of increased suicides and killings among young Indians. Historically, PUBG Gaming has driven teens to spend money on in-game purchases, as reported in Punjab.

While geographical bans on PUGBs are uncommon, they are worth it.

Written by Stephen D