Renowned Fashion Designer Satya Paul Dies At 78

satya paul

Satya Paul, popular fashion designer and the founder of an acclaimed fashion label, died at the age of 78 on Wednesday. He took his last breath at the Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore. Satya Paul’s son Puneet Nanda and the founder of Isha Yoga Centre, Sadhguru, announced the news of the fashion designer’s death on Thursday. 

Puneet Nanda wrote that Satya Paul suffered a stroke on December 2, following which he was admitted to a hospital, where he was slowly recovering. However, as per his wish, he was later shifted to the Isha Yoga Centre, his home in 2015.

Puneet Nanda’s post read: “He (Satya Paul) had a stroke on December 2 and as he was slowly recovering in the hospital, his only wish was to get all the things he was being monitored and poked with – removed so he could fly away. We finally got clearance from doctors to take him back to Isha Yoga Center, his home in 2015. As per his wish, he gently passed on with blessings of the Master.”