Samosa Launched into Space, Know Where did it make a crash-landing?

A popular restaurant in Bath, UK, Chai Walla has completed the space mission in three tries! Of so many novel things, which the humans have sent to space, a samosa made its debut in space. But unfortunately, it did not stay too long and made its way back to the earth. It might sound bizarre, but the event has taken place.

A UK based Indian restaurant had successfully managed to launch the samosa into space, which had later crash-landed in France. As per the reports, Chai Walla is one of the best-ranked restaurants in Bath and had completed the space missions in three tries. 

The eatery’s owner Niraj Gadher said that he wanted to spread some cheer and that’s why he had come up with the idea of sending a samosa into space. He was quoted saying that he had once earlier joked about sending a samosa into space, and so in these bleak times, he did it and used it as a reason to laugh.

Niraj had used helium balloons for samosa’s space journey. And it was a success in three tries. In the first attempt, the balloons had slipped from his hands. On the second try, the balloons did not have enough helium in them and all went right in the third attempt.

Niraj and his friends also used a GoPro camera and a GPS tracker to follow the favorite snack’s journey. However, after the launch, they noticed that the GPS was malfunctioning. They concluded that the project was a failure, but the GPS got reactivated the following day and also revealed that the balloon crash-landed in a field in Caix, Picardie, France.

The samosa and its wrapper were missing from the spot, which was believed to have been consumed by the French wildlife. The feedback of the news is that it brought a lot of laughter for people and that’s what the owner of the restaurant, Niraj Gadher wanted.

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