Singer Lana Del Rey Criticized Online For Wearing Mesh Mask on an Event

Singer Lana Del Rey has recently released her new Poetry Book “Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass”. She has been invited for her book reading at Barnes & Noble store in Los Angeles. She came wearing a mesh mask that has glitter on it and somewhere you can also spot some holes in it. The mesh mask receives severe criticism online, people saying the mesh mask is not enough to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus exposure.

The singer took her Instagram to flaunt her trending yet ineffective mask and posted several videos in it. Watch a video of her in mesh mask below

CDC, on the other hand, has recommended wearing a mask with no vents or holes and to wear a minimum of two layers of cloth to protect from the exposure to the virus.

To the video posted on Instagram, fans and netizens reacted to the mesh mask and commented on the video.

One of the fans wrote, “I love you sis but please wear a real mask, it’s gives a bad message.”

Condemning her mesh mask another Instagram user wrote “Lana I’m begging you wear a real mask.”¬†While another user said “please address the mask situation… it’s absolutely embarrassing.”

To her Defense Lana’s Sister Caroline Chuck said that Lana has been tested negative for COVID-19. She also went live on her Instagram to live-streamed the book signing event and said her sister maintained the distance of 6 feet from the fans but the photos that surfaced online are telling a different story.

Tested negative is not the criteria for going public with a mesh mask. The mesh mask she wore even violates the mask’s mandate set up by the law in Los Angeles. According to the guidance from the LA County Public Health Department “Everyone is asked to wear face-covering when they are interacting with others who are not members of their household in public and private spaces.”

The department guidelines for the mask include the list of the masks that can be used to protect yourself from exposure to the virus. The list includes- Neck Gaiters, Bandanas, Scarves, homemade face coverings and towels.

Yet no response has been received from the store Barnes & Noble and from the representatives of Lana Del Rey.