Soul singer Betty Wright died of cancer at the age of 66

Soul singer Betty Wright died of cancer at the age of 66

American soul singer Bessie Regina was also known as Betty Wright passed away on 10 May 2020, due to cancer. She died at the age of 66. She released her first album at the age of 14. Behind the hits Tonight Is the Night, Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do, and Clean up Woman, is R&B singer and writer. Wright’s family confirmed that the singer passed away this Sunday. She died in her country Miami.

Bessie Regina was also known for her 1971 hit song “Clean up Woman”. The song is about a soulful woman who “approves” the men of women who reject them. Wright was nominated for a total of six Grammys. Just by a decagon later her Grammy win Wright would make another achievement — becoming the very first woman to get a record on her label success gold status.

Early in the singing Carrier of Betty Wright

Wright began started her singing career as a part of her family’s faith group. Bessie Regina released her first album as a solo artist. It was for the first time an African-American female singer get a bar of gold by her solo record label. Bessie Regina got a Grammy in 1974 for her song “Where Is the Love”.

Bessie Regina proved herself to be a skilled assistant. In new decades, Betty Wright began herself dollop in a mentor act for the younger expert, including Joss Stone and Jennifer Lopez. She was trying to protect popular music in her a beneficial way rather than an ambitious way.

She was also in demand for her additional studio work (serving as a backing singer) for so many artists like Peter Tosh, Erykah Badu, Clarence Clemons and David Byrne. Betty Wright’s last album was in 2011 named “Betty Wright.” The cause of death is said to have cancer. May her soul rest in peace.