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    Trump says CDC Director, Robert Redfield ‘confused’ about Coronavirus Vaccine, Mask Efficacy, Redfield responded

    When the CDC Director said that vaccine for the pandemic might not be extensively accessible until next year and that masks are the most efficient way of containing COVID-19, President Trump was asked about the same by the reporters. Trump replied that he believed that Robert was confused. Trump further added that Redfield must have […] More

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    September 14 COVID-19 cases: World 196,017, China 0. Here’s why:

    China had reported no new cases of coronavirus for the past thirty days in a row, and also there are no reports of deaths in the last thirteen days. China is the source of the pandemic that spread to 200 countries of the world but has no single infection reported according to the Johns Hopkins […] More

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    Louis Vuitton Designs a Luxury Face Shield for $961

    Owing to the pandemic, many big brands have created face masks and shields, and Louis Vuitton is the latest to venture into the production of these safety gears. The high-end retailer brand has decided to sell plastic face shields for $961. The shield will make a part in their Cruise Collection, 2021. A statement in […] More

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    Health Minister, India offers to take the First Vaccine Shot for Coronavirus to Alleviate the Safety Concerns

    The Union Health Minister of India, Dr Harsh Vardhan said on Sunday that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available in the country by early 2021 and that the government is taking into consideration the crisis approval for high-risk settings.  He answered a lot of questions on social media regarding the concern over the safety of […] More

  • Trump authorizes plasma treatment amid attacks on the FDA

    Coronavirus: Trump Authorizes Plasma Treatment Amid Attacks on the FDA

    On Sunday, Trump had announced the emergency authorization of convalescent plasma. This method which has been used for treating patients for flu and measles is now been authorized to be used for Covid-19 patients. There has been a deep sense of frustration for the delay in the approval of treatment strategies for Covid-19. The president […] More

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    To encourage more and more people to stay home, Victoria has decided to increase the coronavirus isolation payments. Earlier it was $300 which is now decided to increase up to $450 per worker. With such a massive step, all the workers who are awaiting the COVID tests are encouraged to stay indoors and not move […] More

  • Pranab Mukherjee on Ventilator Support

    Pranab Mukherjee on Ventilator Support Post Surgery, Latest Report on His Health

    Health issues:   Things are getting worse for former President Pranab Mukherjee. As far as his health is concerned, he has undergone a crucial brain surgery and still remains on ventilator support. According to R&R, the Army’s Research and Referral Hospital, the 84-year-old was admitted around Monday noon. Tested positive for the novel coronavirus: He had […] More

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    Coronavirus Breaks out again in New Zealand after 102 days

    It’s BAD NEWS for New Zealand as it has recorded its first community case of the novel coronavirus infection after 102 days. Auckland to go into complete lockdown after the orders issued by the New Zealand PM orders. It seems as the country is gearing up to deal with the crisis.  Reasons to worry: The […] More

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    What’s Worse.. Quake or Corona?

    2020 hasn’t started off too well. Australia being engulfed in flames and novel coronavirus is presently rampaging the entire world. We were yet not over with the virus scare that there are Earthquakes, Landslides, Tsunamis, and Volcanic Activity. Not to miss the Cyclones and Storms. And yes, the impact of all these on stock market crashes and our […] More

  • Trump doubles down on Hydroxychloroquine Claims: the drug he touts as coronavirus treatment

    Trump doubles down on Hydroxychloroquine Claims: the drug he touts as coronavirus treatment

    After the frightful declaration, dozens of people had to Twitter to questions about the president case. “Raise your hand if you think that Trump is dishonest about having the #Hydroxychloroquine,” declared on Monday that he is taking regular doses of hydroxychloroquine, a drug he is long brag about as a hidden coronavirus solution even as […] More

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