Tesla Model 3 Breaks the Guinness World Record as the Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle


Tesla’s popular model 3 sedan has entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the fastest charging electric vehicle, which took two hours lesser time than the previous world record. Recently the model was taken on a run in the UK by Formula E racing driver from Mahindra Racing Team Alexander Sims, along with the Zero Carbon World’s Dean Fielding and EV specialist David Peilow. The aim was to demonstrate the improvements in the charging system.

The trio took a break for just one hour thirty-one minutes and thirty-two seconds to reload the model. A 150kW Tesla Supercharger station and three 350kW Ionity chargers were used during the journey of 855 miles. To reduce the co2 emissions in the UK, Zero Carbon World has provided funds for the setting up of more than 700 EV charging points throughout the UK.

With the reduction in the charging times, there is a bright future for EVs where more and more people will want to use them and reduce the harmful effect of carbon emissions from fuel-run vehicles.

Written by Diksha

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