The drama between Mia Khalifa and Madison Beer for promoting unrealistic beauty

Mia Khalifa and Madison Beer

Social media has always played a role in entertainment. But it is always a place of trolls and dramas. Recently, a new drama has created between a singer and a great internet personality Madison Beer and a great superstar known for her work in adult films, named Mia Khalifa on TikTok.

Now one knows wonder from where this drama started. It was all started at the end of May 2020. When Madison Beer denied that she had not done Plastic surgery on her face.

The drama between mia khalifa and madison beer for promoting unrealistic beauty
Image Credits- Daily Mail

According to a magazine, at the end of the month, some TikTok users claimed about Madison Beer Face plastic surgery which she has done for making her face as she wants. According to TikTok users, she was not honest, and she also promoted unrealistic beauty. But she continued to deny these accusations on her, and eventually took a social media hiatus to avoid her haters due to this drama. But after this TikToker Katie Kelly, called her out with mentioning hashtag @girlwithgreenbeanie.

Medison replied about Katie Kelly by saying rather admitting that she once got her lips filled but decided to remove them instantly.

She said on her video which is deleted that she had once done her lips filled when she was younger, and she is fu*king regret about it. And this is her real fu*king real face. And she is about to cry due to trolls over her.

Whereas, Mia Khalifa proceeded to make this video on TikTok, proudly saying or admitting that she got a nose job by shading Madison in this process. The drama over unrealistic beauty inspired her to post a video to TikTok on Monday, June 22, which shows about her nose job and also posted a clip of her recovery. In her video, a bandage found over her nose. She tagged the surgeon who performed her surgery, Dr. Dugar.

The drama between mia khalifa and madison beer for promoting unrealistic beauty
Image Credits- Daily Mail

A few hours later, A fan posted a tweet on Twitter that said Mia was throwing shade at Madison in her video, and Mia replied over this that she would have to shade anyone who will promote unrealistic beauty among young impressionable fans. There is no further reply from Madison about Mia’s video.

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