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The Next Generation Of Sony-Microsoft Console Wars


Sony and Microsoft have always been at war with their consoles PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. The rivalry started when Microsoft decided to counter off Sony when Sony was the king of consoles with its PlayStation. Fans lined up at Sony to buy the latest PlayStation and experience it. 

However, Xbox changed the face of console gaming with its big, ugly but powerful consoles. The commercials for Xbox had a particular emphasis on online gaming. This indeed put up a dent on Sony, but it was not enough to dethrone Sony. And since both the consoles are at constant war over who will emerge as the victor.

With 2020, they both are coming with their bests to bring up a console that can define console gaming. Sony announced PlayStation 5 while the Xbox announced its series X along with the series S.

Sony has always been a gamer first console since it has a significant emphasis on gaming. Whereas, the previous generation of Xbox had announced everything but gaming as their USP. Plus, Xbox was costly too. This time, things have changed. The Xbox is now affordable and is made for gamers.

That being said, PlayStation is not a tough nut to crack too. With PS5, they have made a massive console. However, the PS- exclusive games are the ones to die for. Moreover, PS5 controllers look a bit more sophisticated, too, with a new haptic vibration motor.

Let’s see how this war will hold up in the coming months.

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