The Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console again

The Nintendo Switch sold more than the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in February in both unit and dollar sales, after bouncing back from a weaker January, according to NPD’s Mat Piscatella† Last month, the PS5 took the top spot as the best-selling gaming hardware in the US, while the Switch came in behind the Xbox Series X.

The Switch and PS5 swap places as the number one console since the PS5 broke the Switch’s nearly three-year streak last October. His time at the top was short-lived, however, as the new Switch OLED boosted console sales and brought it back to the number one position by November and December 2021. So far, the Switch has sold the most units in 2022, while the PS5 has made the most money.

Of course, the Switch’s on-and-off reign has a lot to do with availability. The global chip shortage has made it difficult to find a PS5 and Xbox Series X without paying scalper prices. Meanwhile, the Switch – a now five-year-old console – is slightly easier to find in stores and online, despite Nintendo cutting production by 20 percent through March 2022. When availability for the Xbox Series X and PS5 improves, things will be interesting. to see how Switch sales stack up.

As for the best-selling game, Elden Ring took the top slot (if you couldn’t have guessed). However, what makes this victory all the more impressive is that Elden Ring was only out for four days in the month of February and the sales still knew the newly released Horizon II: Forbidden West and Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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