The US blacklists 24 Chinese firms, individuals for South China Sea work

Image credit: France24

The secretary of state, Mike Pompeo had released a statement during the virtual Republican National Convention, that took place on Wednesday, stating that the US has blacklisted 24 Chinese firms and individuals for South China Sea work. The US has announced sanctions and restrictions on 24 Chinese companies. The officials associated with the building of artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea were also blacklisted. The encroachment stretches from the South of Hongkong that borders with the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many other countries.

The secretary said that since 2013, the PRC has dredged and reclaimed more than 3000 acres on the disputed features in the waters of the South China Sea, using its state-owned enterprises. Their activity has damaged the region, and also flattened on the sovereign rights of its neighbors. It has also brought about destruction to the environment as a whole.

The 24 companies are blacklisted over National security concerns related to advanced technology.

Written by Stephen D