The vibrations of Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have changed after the March update

This may sound familiar, but something is wrong with the latest software update for Google’s Pixel 6 phones. As Google tweaks the version of Android it distributes to phones with its custom Tensor chip, there have been some strange issues, but instead of problems with Wi-Fi or a slow fingerprint scanner, this time it affects another key feature: notifications. . They still appear on the phone just as regularly, but for some reason the strength of the vibration is now significantly weaker than before.

I’ve had my phone’s sounds muted for years so any difference in the notification buzzer is an instant problem. It’s also noticeably quieter for incoming calls, and some people have reported missed calls as a result.

Adjusting the phone’s strength slider doesn’t seem to have any effect, suggesting that the issue is a bug rather than something intentional. A poster on Reddit pointed out that people noticed the same thing during the Android 12.1 beta, but it seems to have made its way into the production release without a response or adjustment. droid life noted that after a list of changes in the March Pixel update appeared on March 7, Google added a line on March 8 stating that it includes a “Fixing for issue causing weaker haptic feedback in certain circumstances”.

Why did Google change that and was it intentional? I don’t know, and despite the request for more information, the company has not responded. Everyone I’ve talked to with a Pixel 6 has noticed the change in their phones, from friends to others roadside staff, while a number of the posts on social media sites and comments suggest it affects virtually everyone with one of the devices.

At least a few people have said they like the change, but if you’re not one of them, you may have to wait for a new update or install another app that lets you adjust the vibration directly.

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