Tinder’s new Blind Date feature wants you to rate matches based on personality

Tinder adds a new “Blind Date” feature that toggles the usual left or right swipe of the dating app: this time you have to chat with other users before you can see what they look like.

Blind Date is the latest addition to Tinder’s Fast Chat family with other in-app experiences like Hot Takes and Swipe Night. The feature pairs users based on what they have in common, answering questions, and playing games. If both users decide to match, they can finally see each other’s photos.

Tinder Blind Date - Get to know them before you find out what they look like. Image: Tinder

Within the feature, Tinder users answer timed questions/prompts such as “It’s okay to wear a shirt ___ times without washing it” or “I put ketchup on _______.” If you’re not impressed with their response, you may decide to pair up with someone else.

Designed to be “low pressure,” Tinder says the app “reflects Gen Z’s modern dating habits…and also taps into their ’90s nostalgia.” Tinder claims that during the early testing phase of the feature, users made 40 percent more matches compared to the other Fast Chat features that include profiles and images, increasing a user’s chance of meeting someone they might overlook elsewhere. , was enlarged.

US Tinder users can now access the new feature and it will be available to global users in the coming weeks.

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