Top 10 Best Fortnite Skins with Glasses


Best Fortnite Skins with Glasses: Over the years in Fortnite, there have been quite a few different skins to come around. There are ICON Series skins, characters from other video games, movies, and even television shows, as well as original characters. There are options for everyone.

For this list, the subject is Fortnite skins with glasses. There are plenty of skins that fit this criteria, but some of them simply rise above the rest. Here are the coolest skins that also happen to wear glasses of some kind.

Fortnite skins with glasses: The best of the best

As a Fortnite fan that wears glasses, I love to get a Fortnite skin that represents myself. Whether I’m playing Fortnite Battle Royale or Fortnite Creative I’m always on a hunt for Fortnite skins with glasses in the Epic Games Store.



A classic skin, Peely is a banana outfit, with a fun, friendly face to complete the look. Peely is a part of season 8, which premiered on February 28 this year, but he’s a bit tricky to get. You have to complete weekly challenges in-game to get to Tier 47, at which point you’ll finally unlock this funky banana.

Peely also has a neat feature called “Reactive,” in which the skin changes over the course of a match. In this case, the banana will ripen and darken as the match continues and you get closer to the Victory Royale.

LeBron James

Lebron james fortnite skin

Only one style for the King, LeBron James, wears glasses, but it’s arguably the best alternate style for the NBA superstar. It comes with James’ iconic shorts suit and a sweatshirt, as well as the dark glasses.

The Tune Squad and other styles are great, but this is an excellent style that most players choose to use. ICON Series skins are popular, and LeBron James might be the most popular, too.



Prodigy is the most exclusive of all the glasses wearing Fortnite skins. Epic Games made the Prodigy skin available only to Playstation Plus users.

This exclusivity means many Fortnite players will never get to see this baller skin in a Fortnite Battle Royale game.

Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul trooper

One of the earlier skins from Halloween 2017, this lovely lass features minty-green skin and ghoulish glasses over a more traditional and familiar Fortnite outfit. Because she was released so early in the game’s history and was only around in the Item Shop for two short months, fans have been clamoring for Epic Games to bring Ghoul Trooper back.

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Rumors have been circulating that she’ll make a triumphant return come Halloween, but who knows? She’s definitely got the popularity—it wouldn’t be surprising to dive into a match and see a sea of Ghoul Troopers if she comes back!

Bruno Mars

Bruno mars fortnite skin

Bruno Mars is one of the best skins in the game. Even among ICON Series skins, this skin is very popular thanks to its excellent design and perfect complementary cosmetics. Since it wears a pretty fashionable style of glasses, it’s easily one of the best skins in Fortnite that wears them.

The counterpart skin, Anderson.Paak, also wears glasses and is an excellent skin. These two, one of the rare ICON Series skins that have different people, are some of the best skins with glasses.


Top 10 Best Fortnite Skins with Glasses 13

Rook is an Epic Fortnite skin that was released into the game in Fortnite Season 5’s Battle Pass. The Rook skin is a female character wearing field agent battle ready clothing.

Rook also wears a pair of secret agent glasses to enhance her vision. This Fortnite Battle Pass Skin is a perfect skin to flex on your foes in Fortnite Battle Royale this season.


Top 10 Best Fortnite Skins with Glasses 14

Undoubtedly one of the most intricate skins to come to Fortnite, the Galaxy outfit features a man entirely made up of stars and space, all in purple and blue tones. Lights swirl around his head and throughout his body as he runs across the map, making the effect when playing him that much cooler.

Galaxy was part of a Samsung promotional event, in which those playing Fortnite on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 could get him for free. That makes this spacey lad an exceptionally rare find now that the promotion is over!

Brite Bomber

Brite bomber

Who’s this funky gal clad in rainbow hues? It’s none other than Brite Bomber, one of the more colorful skins to find in Fortnite. Her pink hair and purple gloves match her bright shirt, which features the Loot Llama—as a unicorn!—leaping through a neon rainbow.

The best thing about Brite Bomber is that she can be purchased at any time from the Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. There’s no specific season or promotional event she was a part of, so feel free to head on down and peruse the shop to snatch up this sweet skin!

Funk OPS

Funk ops

Funk Ops allows Fortnite players to rock a 70’s disco vibe while trashing opponents in Fortnite Battle Royale. Funk Ops is a top tier pick to grab from the Item Shop and add to your Fortnite Crew.

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Mike Lowrey

Mike lowrey fortnite skin

Will Smith’s iconic character from the Bad Boys franchise came to the metaverse in August of 2021, right in the throes of Chapter 2 Season 7. It immediately became a popular skin since Bad Boys is a very popular movie franchise and Will Smith is a very popular celebrity.

Since the character wears a rather iconic set of glasses (it wouldn’t be Mike Lowrey without them), it’s an easy entry on this list.

Clark Kent

Clark kent
Top 10 Best Fortnite Skins with Glasses 15

Superman in disguise has flown his way into Fortnite Battle Royale in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Fortnite fans can bring Clark Kent into the game by completing the Superman quests in the Fortnite Season 7’s Battle Pass.

If you’re a DC fan this Battle Pass Clark Kent skin is for you. Especially if you’re looking for a superhero Fortnite skin with glasses.



No Fortnite character has taken the world by storm quite like Evie. While she’s not technically visually impaired, she wears glasses for fashion, and it’s hard to imagine a better design choice. The multiple color scheme she features makes her glasses a perfect accent.

No base battle pass skin has been as popular as Evie, who debuted in Chapter 3 Season 1. Everyone was wearing this iconic glasses-wearing skin.

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