Trump Could Use Executive Orders to Ban TikTok in the US

Trump Could Use Executive Orders to Ban TikTok in the US

On Friday night, it has been said President Donald Trump has banned TikTok, which is a video app to operate in the United States like rejecting the Microsoft potential deal to buy the app from the parent company owned by Chinese. 

Trump said that he could use an executive order of emergency economic powers. There is no clarity on how the order would be like with the legal challenges it has. But he said that he has authority. 

On Friday, there are people in the administration of Trump, expecting that the President should sign an order for forcing ByteDance, a Chinese company, and holding a social media platform. To sell the TikTok, US operations. 

Trump Could Use Executive Orders to Ban TikTok in the US
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This decision has been taken as TikTok; a foreign-owned one could be a national security risk. As told by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at White House, the government of the US will do a review of national security about TikTok and will give a policy to Trump with recommendations.  

Users of TikTok Panic as the News Came out

ByteDance is considering changes in the corporate structure and looking best possible way to sell the stake of TikTok. 

As per sources, Microsoft (MSFT) was citing a person to discuss acquiring TikTok. However, Trump said a firm that this would not be done as of concern about national security. 

This app became popular in the US and many other countries and gained significance among users worldwide. There were 315 million times it has been downloaded this year in its first three months, which is more than in any app in history. 

The TikTok critics had a fear that the data collected from it about the user in the US will be there with the Chinese government. Though it has been said by TikTok that all the data is being stored outside China and if any attempts being made by Beijing, then they can resist them by seizing the information. 

As the spokesperson, Hilary McQuaide had told me that all the data are stored in the US, and only its employes have access. The biggest investor is from the US, and they are committed to protecting the privacy of user and safety as their main purpose is to bring joy in families, and those who create on the platform could have a meaningful career. 

Experts of Cybersecurity have said that TikTok risk on national security is the main theoretical, and no evidence is being found that data of users has been compromised with Chinese intelligence.