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Trump says US generals feel Beirut blast that killed over 70 was likely an ‘attack’

Beirut explosion

The Beirut explosion has severely damaged port and buildings across the capital. Soon after the explosion, there was a huge mushroom cloud in the sky. SCARY!

According to President Donald Trump, there has been information about the massive explosion from the US military generals. The terrible attack was most likely caused by a bomb and more than 70 people have died so far. 

Trump strongly feels that it is an attack and not an accident. This is not just a gut feel and he has been informed by one of his military generals about the same. According to him, this is not any sort of manufacturing explosion and is a bomb of some kind. 

Condolences have been offered by Trump to the victims and assured that the United States is ready to offer help to Lebanon. More than 3000 people have been injured in this massive blast, according to the officials. 

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Trump says US generals feel Beirut blast that killed over 70 was likely an ‘attack’ 2

Nothing can be said right now with surety about the cause of the blast. 

The chief of Lebanese General Security Abbas Ibrahim said that it might be caused due to some highly explosive material that was stored at the port for quite some time. The strange cloud of orange color could be because of toxic nitrogen dioxide gas which is usually released after an explosion that involves nitrates. 

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