Twitter is testing store reminders for upcoming product drops

Twitter is testing a new shopping feature for viewing upcoming product releases. The feature, called Product Drops, allows brands to tease items before they go on sale, and customers can sign up to be reminded via in-app notifications prior to release.

The company shared in a blog post today how memories would work. When brands set product drops, shoppers can opt-in to alerts by clicking the ‘Remember me’ button. Product drop tweets work like other posts on Twitter and can be liked, retweeted, bookmarked, and shared. Users who choose to receive reminders will be notified 15 minutes before the release and at the set time of the drop. When it’s time to buy and users click the notification, they’re redirected to a “shop on website” button that leads to the brand’s site.

Image: Twitter

The test is currently limited to iOS users in the US who use Twitter in English. Early brand partners include Dior, The Home Depot and clothing company Union Los Angeles, according to Twitter.

Twitter store reminders are similar to tools that exist on other platforms, such as Instagram, where brands preview upcoming products and customers can set reminders. While ecommerce may not be focused on Twitter as much as Instagram, which has an entire tab devoted to shopping, shoppers are already discussing highly anticipated releases on Twitter. For that, the new Twitter test includes a clickable hashtag associated with the drop on the product preview page so shoppers can find tweets about the release.

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