Uber Eats brings bill splitting to deliveries

Uber Eats is getting a group order and bill splitting feature that should make it easier to get your friends and family members to pick up their share of the tab.

Instead of handing your phone over to everyone in the group so they can place their orders, you can now initiate a group order from the Uber Eats app. To do this, you need to go to the restaurant where you want to order, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the page and then click on ‘group order’.

From there you can invite group members by choosing from your phone’s contacts; they will each receive an order link via text message (and will need to download the app if they haven’t already). Your guests can then choose and pay for the food they want.

Uber Eats’ group ordering feature allows your guests to place orders individually on their own devices.
Image by Uber

But if you’re feeling extra generous, Uber Eats gives you the option to pay the entire bill, while also allowing you to set spending limits to stop someone from ordering the most expensive item on the menu. Whether you pay or split the bill, Uber says all food is delivered at the same time.

And if you’re planning some sort of get-together, Uber also allows you to make group orders up to seven days before the scheduled event. People can choose their food within a certain time frame and Uber will notify them if they forget.

As someone who orders a ton from Uber — and usually picks up the tab too — I can say that the bill-splitting feature is a welcome addition. It eliminates every possible excuse in the book ranging from “I’ll pay you back tomorrow” to “I don’t have Venmo”, and it also means you don’t have to clumsily nudge people to get them to pay you back.

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