US House Approves $2,000 Coronavirus Help Checks Sought by Trump


Last week, the Republican Trump had threatened that a huge pandemic aid shall be blocked if Congress did not boost the stimulus payments from $600 to $2,000 and cut another spending.

The Democratic-led US House of Representatives had voted 275-134 to meet President Donald Trump’s demand for $2,000 Covid-19 relief checks on Monday.

He backed down from his demands on Sunday as a possible government shutdown loomed, brought on by the fight with lawmakers.

But Democratic lawmakers have long wanted $2,000 relief checks and used the rare point of agreement with Trump to advance the proposal – or at least to put Republicans on record against it – in the vote on Monday, less than a month before he leaves office.

A total of 130 Republicans, two independents and two Democrats opposed the increase on Monday, which required two-thirds of those present and voting to pass it.

Global markets were buoyed after Trump approved the package. Also, Biden said that he also supported the payments of $2000 when asked at the end of an event in Wilmington, Delaware,