Vanessa Morgan, Riverdale Star Pours Her Heart Out

Vanessa Morgan

In a recent interview Vanessa Morgan said that she is one of the least paid black series actresses. She received support from several co-stars while talking about her Hollywood experiences. This Riverdale superstar has condemned the manner in which black people are being portrayed in front of the media. In a series of her posts on social media, she brought this issue to limelight.

It is pretty disheartening actually to hear news like this. She expressed her concern over the way black people are being portrayed as angry scary people or thugs. She feels that black people are being paid less in comparison to the white leads.

She has also highlighted the issue that they are being used in the ads only for the sake of publicity and there is nothing more to it. This is actually not a happy situation to be in. 

She doesn’t wish to keep quiet over the issue anymore. 

hashtag #BlackLivesMatter

The remark was in response to one of the fans who feels that her paycheck needs to be doubles as she is also portraying an LGBT character. She has also requested her fans to not attack her supportive fellow cast members.

She wishes to fight for a cause.

This issue is already getting a lot of global attention. To this she added that she refuses to be quiet anymore. She is ready to fight for the cause as she felt the agony when she was kid. Morgan could hardly find any model on the television back then, which actually looked like her. 

This is not done!

Asha Bromfield supported her and said that they have a bigger role to play, than silently standing in the background. She is supporting Vanessa Morgan.

 Are you supporting her?