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Veteran Day 2020 Offers And Deals: Not To be Missed


Not only restaurants but many other businesses are showering both active military as well as veterans with deals and freebies on this Veterans Day like car washes, haircuts, or flu shots. Some retailers like Under Armour and Target are also offering both military and veterans a discount. 

Veteran Day is the mark of the date when Germany and its allies signed an agreement in 1918 to end the hostilities of WW1. According to the Department Of Veterans Affairs, the fight ceased on the 11th Hours of the 11th day of the 11th Month.

Most banks are closed while the restaurants, stores, and the stock market are open on Veterans Day. Proof of service like a military ID is required. A few businesses also allow dressing in uniform as a verification. You can also use VA cards, discharge papers, and membership cards of veteran organizations as proof. 

The federal government will also be granting free access to the national parks and all other public lands to the veterans. The Gold Star families are starting too on Veterans Day, as stated by the Department Of The interior. The department had also waived off the fees for entering the park of fifth-graders and their families who did not get to use a pass intended for the fourth-grade students when many of the national parks were closed in the spring due to the widespread coronavirus pandemic. The waiver has immediately started and has extended through the end of August 2021.


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