To encourage more and more people to stay home, Victoria has decided to increase the coronavirus isolation payments. Earlier it was $300 which is now decided to increase up to $450 per worker. With such a massive step, all the workers who are awaiting the COVID tests are encouraged to stay indoors and not move out of their houses. The worker support payment is started to help those who have tested positive and do not have any sick leave available with them.

The increase is being made in consultation with the Union and the Employers, said Premier Daniel Andrews. He stated that they felt $450 is a good amount for keeping the COVID positive patients away from work. And that this is fair compensation for the loss of income which they would otherwise face.

He pointed that this arrangement is made especially for those people who out of the fear of losing their jobs are not getting tested or perhaps get tested but do not stay back home awaiting the result of the tests. And allowing this to happen will only make the scenario worse in Victoria, which has already seen a major spike in the cases as well as death due to COVID-19 this month.

Written by Diksha

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