Vizag gas leakage: Leaves people Dead and Hospitalized

Vizag Gas Leak

The cause of the leakage was a chemical compound plant that is owned by South Korean electronics giant LG. It is located in RRV Puram near Gopalapatnam, 15 km from Visakhapatnam. Reports have cleared that so many people of surrounding villages get in touch with the gas and fell unconscious on the roads. On the other hand, six people died through the vulnerability of the gas, and at the same time, two died while they tried to rescue from the gas. 

One thing is still unclear whether the deaths caused by the exposure of the gas or because of byproducts. Rajiv Kumar Meena police commissioner of Visakhapatnam has cleared the truth of the gas, it is “non-poisonous” and this gas will only virulent when it’s unprotected for a long time. 

Vizag Gas Leak

Hundreds of people along with children got hospitalized. The timing of gas leaking notice at 3 in the morning. This is the main reason for being caught by the gas because it was mid of the night where people were sleeping. The civil servant said they instantly made an announcement over speakers and helped out the people suffering from it. 

After an investigation cause of the leak is changing in temperature innards the tank. According to the officials: they are investigating the incident and right now there is no leak as it has been contained. They will detect the propensity for other hours and give a total clear later thorough inspection”. 

Officials of LG Polymers said at the leaking time there were about 1,800 tonnes of styrene stored. Only a thorough analysis will reveal what exactly happened”. On the other hand, NDRF teams offed to the five affected areas as well. A team of doctors also moved to affected villages to help them out.