Vonne Solis Releases “Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to My Daughter”

Vonne Solis Releases “Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to My Daughter”

A Letter to my Daughter” affords give a choose to to newly bereaved of us who relish lost their minute one to suicide.


Vonne Solis, the creator of “Classes in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter” (Gatekeeper; 2021), shares her trip of loss and trouble after dropping her 22-300 and sixty five days-stale daughter to suicide in 2005. Vonne revisits the refined emotions and points that challenged her healing efforts, to comfort and manual of us who relish suffered the equal loss, through their early trouble. Vonne is deeply committed to remodeling other folks’s perceptions of loss and trouble and supporting the bereaved of their healing. In particular of us who relish lost a minute bit one.


This e book is to wait on newly bereaved of us who relish lost their minute one to suicide to navigate early trouble and be attentive to the points that can complicate trouble. Vonne used to be once a form of of us that she so desperately wanted to learn from when she first turned bereaved, which is why she wrote this e book. In her earliest trouble, after the loss of her minute one, there used to be nobody she might maybe turn to for comfort and wait on in working out what she used to be going through: the misfortune of loss, the torment of residing without her minute one, and lastly accepting the truth of her daughter’s loss of life.


The physique of every chapter used to be written as a interior most letter to her daughter, sharing the tense and painful emotions she went through, moreover to points that relish refined her efforts to utterly heal after her daughter’s suicide. The teachings learned on the stop of every chapter are the result of introspection that most efficient time can provide. They are supposed to wait on every mother or father who reads this e book get peace and healing by drawing on what she has learned through her relish trip.

Whereas all bereaved of us relish hundreds of questions about their minute one’s loss of life, suicide presents its relish questions and challenges. For bereaved of us, now not inviting the causes for their minute one’s loss of life can intention prolonged-term misfortune and complicate their trouble.


For any mother or father who has lately lost their minute one to suicide, Vonne’s unusual delivery is without a doubt the e book that they need to indifferent learn.

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Classes in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter

Writer | Vonne Solis

Genre | Dying and Peril

Publisher | Gatekeeper Press

Published date | February 25, 2021 

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