What Made Claudia bring Police to the Door?


Cops call on Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway after her troubled daughter, 16, falsely accuses her leaking of a topless photo of her on Twitter and then apologizes for it

The police in New Jersey launched an investigation for a topless picture of Kellyanne Conway’s 16-year-old daughter. Claudia, daughter of Kellyanne has accused her mother of leaking the photo on Twitter’s newly launched fleets feature, which was deleted after 24 hours.

The teen later took back her comments and insisted in videos on TikTok that she was sure that her mother would never do that and that probably her mother’s account was hacked. Four officers reached Conway’s family mansion at around noon on Tuesday and came out at 1.10 pm. 

The chief of Alpine Police, Christopher Belcolle has confirmed that they are probing the apparent leak. And no information can be released right away. Even Twitter has said that it is investigating as to for how long the post was visible and who all saw it and who had deleted it.

It is noteworthy that Claudia had accused her mother after she had threatened to release many hours of footage which would show that Kellyanne was an abusive mother. In a series of videos, she had told her mother that she would be going to go to jail, after the sharing of her topless photo on social media. She had said that her mother had kept such images to use against her someday.