What Really Happened to the Couples on Show Indian Matchmaking

The couples of Indian Matchmaking didn’t really stay together: Right from Vysar, Aparna to Sima couldn’t get partners 

Everyone is curious to know about the Indian Matchmaking. But sources reveal that the matchmaker Sima Taparia was not able to find partners for anyone. 

Spoiler alert!

 Well, fans will be disappointed to know that the potential couples associated with the super hit show Indian Matchmaking didn’t really last long. This one is a reality TV series on Netflix. Since its Friday release, it received a lot of criticism for reinforcing cultural typecast about the country, celebrating colourism and casteism. It is the perfect example of a phenomenon called ‘aunty gaze’.


Several characters were introduced on the show. One common thing between all of them is the desire to get hitched. There is a Mumbai based matchmaker, “Sima Taparia. The kind of advice she is seen giving to the clients is “Compromise, change, be flexible”. This is what Sima was seen telling all the clients. 

Then she was seen introducing the clients to a series of pundits and face-readers for suggestions. 

Read on to get to know where the couples are heading in their quests to get married.

Aparna is a successful lawyer from Houston who has been single for a while. She is still in touch with three men she met on the show. She had a positive experience and made good friends on the show. 

Nadia is a wedding planner from New Jersey and dated Vinay during the course of the show. Later on, she liked the lawyer Sekhar. But nothing really happened after the show ended. But she acknowledges the fact that she got to learn a lot about herself from the show. 

Vyasar is undeniablythe most pleasant person on the show. Even Sima had very nice things to say about him. But the sad part is that he is single even now. He mentioned that he met really nice people on the show, but nothing really happened.