What’s Changed at Beijing’s ‘Wanghong Tree?’

Even some of the most unassuming locations can become internet celebrity or wanghong hotspots. That appears to be the case with a tree located on Dongzhimen Nei Dajie which has come to be known on the internet as ‘Dongzhimen wanghong tree’ (东直门网红树). Why did the tree go viral online in the first place? The vertical line separating the red…

Even some of potentially the most unassuming areas can become net basic person or wanghong hotspots. That appears to be like to be the case with a tree located on Dongzhimen Nei Dajie which has come to be known on the online as ‘Dongzhimen wanghong tree’ (东直门网红树). 

Why did the tree hotfoot viral online within the basic situation? 

The vertical line keeping apart the crimson and white parts of the background to the tree nearly completely bisects the tree dimension-ways. The background is fragment of the approach situation for the extension of the Capital Airport Snarl subway line.


Image via @不性纪的晓岚/Weibo

I speak there’s no profound meaning; it’s true fulfilling to observe at. 

Or, might almost definitely well well must that be ‘changed into once’ fulfilling? It might perhaps almost definitely well almost definitely seem that some most up-to-the-minute changes have been made to the background to compose it a minute less elegant, in all likelihood within the hope of warding off nice crowds in entrance of the gap. 


The Dongzhimen tree following changes to the background. Image via Alistair Baker-Brian/That’s

This is in a position to almost definitely well well also be out of arena for the safety of these taking photos. As early as November 30, Beijing Evening reported that a form of parents were standing on the adjacent zebra crossing to snap the supreme shot as site visitors passed by. 

As of press time, the hashtag ‘Dongzhimen net basic person tree has been positioned below strict administration’ has around 2.18 million views on Weibo. That came after other folks noticed there have been some changes to the background. 

The underside left fragment of the background which changed into once crimson has been coated white. Within the intervening time, the wall has been plastered with a chance of arbitrarily positioned government recordsdata posters.  

A pair of the posters are from the Dongzhimen CDC. One encourages other folks to get their COVID-19 vaccine shots declaring that now we must “collectively produce a Enormous Wall of immunity.” Within the intervening time, one other makes spend of cartoon characters from the favored Chinese language original Toddle to the West to enlighten other folks about COVID-19 administration. 

Moreover, two site visitors wardens were on-responsibility at the positioning on December 6. Even handed one of them told That’s that it changed into once his job to guarantee that that photographers didn’t stand on the zebra crossing. Taking photos from the sidewalk changed into once no longer dispute. 

He added that the posters and the partial defending of the background had nothing to enact with the online celebrities. The posters he acknowledged, were true “recordsdata.” Coincidence?

No matter the map of these making the changes, it sounds as if many members aloof are making an try to get a snap of the Dongzhimen net basic person tree. 

For these that notion on doing so, true purchase into memoir to listen to to security and don’t become one other ‘loss of life-by-selfie’ statistic.  

[Cover image via @做自己的女神SHOW/Weibo]