WhatsApp now lets you mute people during group conversations

WhatsApp rolled out several new features in the past week, including: the ability to mute people during group conversations (via Android Central† This sanity-saving feature seems useful not only for muting people who forget to do it themselves, but also if you’re in the same room as someone else on the phone and don’t want to hear an echo of what they’re saying.

While some conferencing apps, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, allow hosts to mute all participants (or specific ones), they usually don’t provide a way for individual users to mute whoever they want during a call. This feature provides a new level of control that is probably best kept for chaotic meetings involving up to eight people on video calls — or up to 32 on voice calls.

In addition to the new mute feature, WhatsApp now lets you message specific people during a group conversation, such as if you want to make someone a note during a meeting or make a joke that might not resonate with the entire group. WhatsApp is also rolling out a new banner that alerts you when a new person joins a conversation after it’s already started.

The messaging service builds more than just the group calling feature. On Friday, WhatsApp announced that you can now choose which contacts can see your profile picture, about and last seen status which shows when you were last active on the platform. This can help keep your profile private from professional contacts, or anyone you don’t want to give access to this information 24/7. Last year, WhatsApp started hiding your last seen status from strangers by default due to potential privacy implications.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp finally rolled out the ability for Android users to transfer their chat history to iPhone after the company initially started allowing users to transfer their conversation data in the opposite direction (from iPhone to iPhone) last year. Android).

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