Who Were The Most Highest Paid Actress 2020?

Want to know which was the highest paid actress of 2020? Yes, we bring you the list of the highest paid actresses for the year 2020 and you will be surprised to see their earnings. 

Sofia Vergara of the Modern Family leads our recent $43 million lists of the world’s best-paying actors, as the Television personality headed a wave of small-screen endorsement deals that outshone those of the film industry. In second and third spot on the chart are Hollywood veteran Angelina Jolie ($35 million) and Red Note star Gal Gadot ($31 million). After late March, many American film theatres have been dark, prompting significant studios, such as the female-led Black Widow and Wonder Woman in 1984, to delay significant titles. 

Because several movie stars receive huge salaries relying on box office success, the absence of new theatrical releases has found space for TV idols. Read the article for more information.

Let us see the list of the Highest Paid Actress for 2020

1. Sofia Vergara: 43 million dollars

Vergara ended her Western Family owned on ABC and launched her stint as a jury on America’s Got Talent. She supplements the profits with sponsorship and licensing offers, including a Walmart denim collection and Rooms To Go accessories.

2. Angelina Jolie: 35.5 million dollars

Jolie’s best opportunity, among the few celebrities on the chart to earn almost all her earnings from conventional films, comes through her lead role in The Eternals. This forthcoming Marvel movie has an expenditure of $200 million.

3. Gal Gadot: 31,5 million dollars

Gadot switched to Netflix through Wonder Woman 1984 on ice, earning $20 million for the Red Notice appearance. It’s a high cost, insiders note, just a tiny portion of the $17 billion media budget for a streamer.                                                         

4.   Melissa McCarthy: 25 million dollar 

In dual streaming movies produced by spouse Ben Falcone, including one HBO Max and one on Netflix, the humorous actress leads and presents NBC’s Little Big Shots. Next year her appearance as Ursula in The Little Mermaid’s live rendition.

5.     Meryl Streep: 24 million dollar

For the sitcom Let Them All Speak, licensed to HBO Max for $33 million, the film giant followed director Steven Soderbergh. Streep’s share of the intervention: $5 million at minimum. The remainder originated from The Prom and Little Women.

6.     Emily Blunt: 22.5 million dollar

With a $17 million project, the initial A Quiet Place exceeded $341 million, and Blunt secured an eight-figure initial wage on the expansion, coming out this year. Throughout the high seven digits, her role in Jungle Cruise would win her a salary.

7.     Nicole Kidman: 22 million dollar

Kidman may enter Streep in Netflix’s The Prom of Ryan Murphy, which would offer her an initial eight-figure fee. With her forthcoming prequel on HBO, The Undoing, she would receive around 1 million dollars an episode.

8.     Ellen Pompeo: 19 million dollar

Pompeo is receiving around 550,000 dollars per episode for her leading appearance on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy following a deal reconciliation in 2017. Supposedly, from the portion of broadcast television income, she adds around $6 million annually.

9. Elisabeth Moss: 16 million dollar

Hulu charged her $1 million to appear in the thriller The Handmaid’s Tale each episode. A surprising success that spent only $7 million and reached $134.3 million, who participated in the income of Invisible Man.

10.      Viola Davis:  15.5 million dollar

Owing to 7-figure inspections from her appearances as Annalise Keating on How to Get Away with Murder and Ma Rainey in Netflix’s August Wilson film version of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Davis deserves a mention for the very first time.


Throughout the 12 months before June, the 10 highest-paid actresses earned a collective $254 million, down 20 percent from last year. Angelina Jolie and Emily Blunt (No. 6; $22.5 million), however, only two, made much of their broadcast and online earnings. In the year and, those who made much of their cash from conventional movies received a total of $58 million, off from $136.5 million in 2019.

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