Yes, Netflix has gotten even more expensive

Netflix’s latest price hikes in the US are starting to take effect.

Subscribers may have recently been contacted by the company to warn them that their subscription price will change starting on their next billing cycle. I recently got such an email letting me know that my monthly bill would go up from March 30, 2022 – but some Netflix users may have already seen their bill go up.

Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka said: The edge that the price increases will be rolled out to existing subscribers “in the course of the weeks”, adding that some subscribers may have already been notified and seen the changes applied.

Netflix first warned subscribers about the upcoming price hikes in late January. The service’s basic plan now costs $9.99 per month (versus $8.99), the standard tier costs $15.49 per month (versus $13.99), and the 4K tier costs $19.99 per month ( versus $17.99). That means Netflix now charges nearly $20 each month to access its service — quite a significant milestone for the streamer.

Netflix has long said it will continue to gradually increase its price relative to the value it offers. That means making more TV shows and movies — and now video games — and dumping truckloads of money to bring that content to life. Aside from adding an ad-tier, which Netflix hasn’t indicated it plans to do anytime soon, Netflix has to find money for that content somewhere. Intermittent price increases and the hitherto experimental password suppression are two ways to tackle this.

In the initial announcement, Netflix said subscribers will be notified by email 30 days before their price changes arrive. And of course, it’s only a few dollars or two a month, depending on the plan you’re subscribed to. But along with all the other stuff we pay to subscribe to — which can get their own price hikes — it all starts to add up! Let’s hope those newly announced Netflix mobile games live up to the hype.

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