You can now earn money through Discord


Discord is expanding its server subscription program, allowing more creators to charge subscription fees for premium access and benefits.

Community servers in the US can enable subscriptions as long as they meet the minimum criteria.

There also appear to be additional criteria similar to those required to become a Discord partner, including a minimum community size of 500 members and at least 50 active unique users on the server per week. The edge has contacted Discord requesting clarification on subscription eligibility requirements.

Creators can start one or more subscription levels and set their own prices. Unlike Twitch’s much-maligned 50/50 revenue share, Discord offers a much more attractive 90/10 revenue split, but it will take a while to get your money. Under Discord’s monetization terms, users are paid 30 days after the end of the calendar month, meaning creators won’t see the money they’ve earned for January until March 1. They must also collect a minimum of $100 dollars to receive their first payout and have earned a minimum of $25 dollars for each subsequent monthly payout.

Image of discord showing the new subscription program that allows creators to monetize their discord server

A glimpse of the new subscription program offerings.

Within the Subscription Policy, there is a long list of the types of material that are not eligible for monetization. The list includes the standard illegal drugs and dangerous weapons, as well as sexually explicit content hosted on Discord or linked from elsewhere (sorry OnlyFans creators) or anything that promotes gambling. View the full list here.

To help creators monetize their servers, Discord has set up a creator portal that breaks down this new monetization schedule and provides tips on how people can take advantage of the new program.

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