YouTube to Remove Content with COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation


Keeping in view the conspiracy theories and misinformation getting increased on the social media platforms regarding the coronavirus vaccine, YouTube has decided against removing dangerous content, which is misleading the public at large. 

The social media platform YouTube has decided to ban any claim on the channel regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, which contradicts the consensus from the local health authorities or the WHO. Any misinformation about the vaccines like the vaccine would kill people or lead to infertility issues, or microchips would be implanted inside the bodies of those who receive the vaccine, will be removed from the site.

Through an email, the channel has said that it would take more steps in this regard, and any content that shows the broad concern over the vaccine effect shall remain on the channel. The channel has already removed many videos that show disputed content, promotes medically unsubstantiated curing coronavirus methods, and discourages people from seeking medical help.

It’s noted that YouTube removed over 200,000 videos since February, which has been found misleading and dangerous in any context.